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The Åland UAS offers degree programmes in Swedish in business administration, navigation, hospitality management, engineering (marine, electrical and IT) and health and caring sciences for a total of 600 students.

The ÅUAS has an important role through its courses, opportunities for continuous learning via the Open University and FUI activities to actively drive and contribute to this transition locally and globally. The programmes offered at ÅUAS provide the theoretical and practical knowledge required to carry out advanced tasks in working life, both independently and in teamwork settings.

Individual study programmes can be composed by selecting courses from other programmes, or from the Open University within the optional units. Interaction with those working in the field means that the curriculum is based on the requirements of today’s professional life. UAS’ programmes also endeavour to supply new competence to the professional community through development work and applied research.

Åland Open University offers around 100 academic courses, lectures and seminars annually. Close cooperation and interaction with those working in the field and the community is essential.

ÅUAS leads or participates in a number of development projects, has the role of initiator and driving force in various projects financed by the EU or by the Åland autonomy authorities. ÅUAS is cooperating actively with both private and public sector to create knowledge which supports sustainable development in society and business growth on Åland Islands.

Equally important is the Nordic and European cooperation on various areas to open important issues, develop joint solutions and be one of the leading partners in sustainable development.

The priorities of RDI-activities

The University of Åland has an important role through its courses, opportunities for continuous learning via the Open University and FUI activities to actively drive and contribute to this transition locally and globally.

A transition to a society that improves the environmental condition and where people’s well-being increases is needed.

Climate change, the reduction of natural diversity, the overconsumption of resources and the waste problem require extensive and rapid measures and adaptations in all sectors of society.

Digitization of society and other technological developments, including restructuring of the energy sector and development of renewable forms of energy, as well as anticipated changes in labor markets and the structure of work will be central driving forces for societal development and strongly influence the university’s operating environment.

Vision to be CO2 neutral by 2030. This in turn requires various joint ventures and there few projects with pilot actions ongoing already. These actions include investments into digital tools, automation of data collection, energy savings and production of renewable energy in ports as hubs of multimodal operations etc. Being heavily affected by ferry transport, it is natural to have a close cooperation with harbors operators.

Research in nursing and care science – incl elderly health and living conditions, clinical competence etc

The list of projects covers all of the study areas at ÅUAS incl. also:

  • digital innovation in learning environment,
  • new online courses in finance and economics,
  • future megatrends
  • greener sustainable ecosystems
  • development the tourism sector etc

The learning process is an important part of the university’s applied research and development work. There is continuous development of new knowledge, experiences and contacts that support teaching process in general.

Most of the personnel as well as students are actively involved in various project and research activities aside the vocational education at bachelor`s level.


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